First publication from #GenderCOVID19 #ResearchAgendaSetting Initiative

Sharing our first paper (letter) collaborating as the #GenderCOVID19 #ResearchAgendaSetting initiative with thematic group 2 co-leads @Jeannette Wolfe and @Evelyne Bishof that was submitted in Dec 2020. Thank you The Lancet for publishing just in time for #IWD2021! Sex-disaggregated data in COVID-19 vaccine trials

#ChooseToChallenge the status quo practices in clinical trial data reporting- products that prevent and treat #COVID19 must not widen historical sex-gaps in therapeutics data!

Do you have any suggestions and ideas for how we should share and collectively implement the research agenda we set, including through other publications and webinars?

  1. Post in the impact and implementation threads of any of the thematic group discussion board

  2. Contact the steering committee or thematic group co-leads with your ideas and let's discuss further

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