Netiquette for Buzzboard

Updated: Dec 15, 2020


Our collective goal is to integrate gender into current and future research on COVID-19.


· read the study protocol and guiding resources to understand this project and focus our conversations on how to integrate gender better research on COVID-19.

· remain on topic within threads, and link digressions back to the topic of gender and COVID-19.

· do not post advertisements of any kind- except for related gender and health events, webinars etc that may interest the group.


The Research Agenda Setting Forum platform is a safe space for open and empowering communication.

Be Authentic: Please express yourself meaningfully in a language you are most comfortable with. We want to hear your own unique voice!

Be Clear: Try to explain terms if you cannot avoid the use of technical jargon.

Be Creative: Use of tasteful and relevant emojis, internet memes, and GIFS are very welcome to liven the conversations. But please refrain from using ALL CAPS. 😊

Be Proactive: Start the ball rolling if the conversation is slow to start or loses momentum - be the life of the party!

Be Participatory: The value of this exercise is only as good as your input and insights! Please engage with the conversations as much as possible given your busy schedules. We will remind you to post at least once across all questions and respond to questions addressed to you in your thematic groups.

Be Helpful: Please extend a helpful response or answer to a question that is posted by group colleagues.

Be Informed: Verify sources of information where relevant, and fact check as much as possible. When quoting a study, please include a reputable internet link to the study article.

Be Vigilant: Please alert the admins, steering team or group coordinators if you think the security and integrity of the platform has been compromised or hacked.


An integral part of setting an agenda for future research on gender and COVID-19 is to expand and strengthen our community of stakeholders and peers.

Please use the profile feature in the Members section to share your story with your peers. We invite you to also consider others’ background (as shared on their profiles) to contextualise and understand their points of views. The discussion board is a great place to network, and build new professional relationships.

The follow button enables us to be updated on our group members’ posts. Please follow one another to keep the conversation going.


Please use a courteous and polite tone in your discussions. We’d like to keep the tone as casual and conversational as you are comfortable with, but we remind you to be mindful of cultural and language differences, and peoples’ preferences for communication styles.

When you encounter or perceive a negative tone or comment, we invite you to assume the author’s best positive intent and break the cycle with a positive response.


Please be as inclusive as possible in conversations, and appreciate differences in experience, world views etc.


We encourage all members to read and utilise feminist principles outlined in the protocol. Respect is critical throughout the process.

Polite disagreements or differences of opinions that are constructive and communicated in good spirit are welcome. However, let’s keep things professional and not personal- rude, inflammatory, or discriminatory comments, especially those that disrespectfully target another user (aka bullying) will not be tolerated. While we are all passionate about the subject, let’s critically evaluate our approach and keep aggression in check.

Rude and disrespectful users will be private contacted by group moderators, coordinators or lead, and if a public apology is not issues and/or comment not deleted, the admins reserve the right to remove the user and not invite them to participate in this exercise further.

Compliments and Complaints:

We would love to hear from you if you are enjoying this experience, or if you have suggestions on how we can improve the experience for you.

Where issues cannot be resolved, or if you feel it necessary, please also feel free to reach out to our advisory and ethics committee to communicate your grievances (details in contact tab).