Roles and Expectations

As a general member, the minimum contribution expected is:

• Completion of the profile in the member's page.

• Provision of conflict of interest and reflexivity (disclosure of personal identities that influences opinions).

• At least one response in all five questions in your thematic group(s) discussion board, including responding to the probes of moderators, complying with forum etiquette.

• Completion of two forms to rate the research questions to be sent through email - one within thematic groups, and one joint across all thematic groups.

• Participation in one or two Zoom calls over the course of the research agenda exercise.(Optional)

In addition, we also invite volunteers for the following roles:

Translation checker: to check the translation quality using Google Translate to assist any group members who prefer to read and write in their language.

Thematic group coordinator (nominal pay provided): to moderate the discussion boards by probing the responses, based on a set of guidelines. track the completion of group tasks, to conduct a qualitative analysis of the discussion board, to prepare group reports, to compile the long-list of questions from the group discussion board, and to support the steering team with the final report.

Co-lead of the thematic group: this will include liaising with the steering team on the scope, and general themes of the discussions, including strategies to encourage implementation of the research agenda. Ideally, you should have expertise in the broad thematic area, as a researcher or as a practitioner.