Why a discussion board?

Especially now, as COVID-19 changes the way we work and communicate, we believe a discussion board offers a convenient way for us all to share rich and diverse insights, around our nuanced and shared experience, needs and challenges around the vast topic of gender and COVID-19. Bearing in mind global time differences, online discussion forums enable us to have asynchronous conversations with global colleagues, at a flexible and convenient time to us all. We also believe that this approach can help us all engage better with the ‘wisdom of the crowd’, equalize access to formative conversations, and hear from new and interested voices, especially those who have been underrepresented at the ‘decision-making table’, with a view to find action-oriented strategies and solutions.

As a global community of stakeholders, it is also imperative that we establish rapport, cultivate care and understanding amongst one another, draw on one another’s strengths and address any skill or resource gaps, so that we may expand and strengthen our networks to mobilize strategic future research and action in solidarity. By sharing all our positionality and reflections on how of views of gender and COVID-19 are shaped, we can jointly contextualise the subjective themes and narratives shared and help group colleagues understand our points of views.

The insights and dialogues on these boards will be used to craft early drafts of conceptual frames, list of evidence needs, alongside action, evaluation and accountability resources such as multi-level and multi-sectoral theories of change, or programme logic, innovative financing, impact and value goals and evaluation/measurement frameworks that integrate gender as tangible and visible design feature. As this is a collective collaboration, these emergent data, and resources will be shared with you for your constructive review, feedback and co-construction.

Thank you for your time and engagement.